Follow Your Heart:


Through visitation, we discuss the restoration of the original “Ho’opono’ono” from the original Limerian Shaman who sought to heal the world. Additional steps to the popular version as well as including “trust”.

Tao Te Ching

Discussing the re-translation directly from the intended teaching of this “Book on Purpose”. Exposing the original intended teaching revolves around Divine Purpose for Existence.

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Diamond Sutra

A direct and powerful discussion cutting straight to the raw reality beyond illusions. Something you simply need to experience. Offered from the source of the original dictations.

Energy Meditations

Offering Guided Meditations supporting your spiritual journey.

I AM: A Course in Miracles ‘2016

Rev. Devan’s inspired rambalings, attempting to convey what is achieved through the lessons of “A Course in Miracles”. The 2006 version was before his achievment.

False Prophet??? with Dr. Mark MD

Rev. Devan puts his beliefs on the line while being questioned by the higly educated and friend Dr. Mark MD

A Course in Miracles, Fireside

Meaningful Discussions with the recently transitioned Shaman, OneFeather. His Legacy Courses are also Avalable.

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DreamWalkers, Gathering beyond Time.

Chandra Sangat and Rev. Devan join in laughter discussing joining in the realm of Dreams. Which led to teaching courses on Lucid Dreaming, Astral-Projection and Out of Body Experiences.

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LIVE: Behind the Scenes

Even Science has a place in the truth of Spirituality. Essentially if it objects to the presence of any theology, that specific idea is resistance to the totality of the universe & is delusional to the wholeness of truth, for the purpose of succeeding in its individual function, as separate.

Undefinable & Expansive

This program discusses the articles of what is discovered when one reaches the emptiness of personal identity and unites with the tatality of the universe.